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Rainbow Saga is a free to play browser RPG set in a chibi/anime world of magic, monsters and Devils, where players can choose from a variety of classes, explore dozens and in game features, engage in challenging PVE content either solo or grouping with other players as they uncover the game‘s story-arc through a linear progressive quest chain.

Rainbow Saga is completely free to play and players can gain extra bonuses and boosts by paying for the VIP top up system using real money.


- Three different classes
- Action based battles
- Lots of quests
- Customize the weapons and gear of your characters
- Multiplayer PVE dungeos
- PvP Arena
- Free-to-play
- Browser-based MMO


For generations the continent of Troonmill has been protected by the seven artefact seals, this peaceful nation came under the attack of the Devil Lord who invaded the constant with his Dark Scythe. The City of Order tasked their Holy Knights with stopping the Devil Lords' army but brought his wraiths upon their own city in retaliation. Acting quickly the people of Troonmill sacrificed themselves to activate the seals and trap the Devil Lord forever. Or so they thought. Now with the Devil Lord and his minions finding their way back into the world a Chosen One has arisen to destroy this threat for good.


Rainbow Saga is a side scrolling 2-D platform games is where players will build up their characters through acquired gear and gained XP from quests and events to improve their stats and skills. The game has an extensive quest-based story arc for players to uncover and as players progress through the game they will unlock further features to explore.


There are three classes in the game for players to choose, each with their own unique skills and attack powers to use in battle:

The Holy Knight - A brave defender of justice, equipped with their sword and shield and heavily clad armour they are powerful melee soldiers able to take down their enemies with strong attacks

The Shadow Ranger – A mysterious figure that can harness the stars to increase their attacks, they typically keep out of battle and choose to strike at their enemies from a distance using deadly darts

The Elementalist - A powerful practitioner of magic they have learned the mystical ways of harnessing the elements in their attacks and can deal devastating damage to their enemies


Players use the keyboard arrow keys to move around the map, able to climb up ladders to reach higher platforms jump across gaps using the spacebar, they have full control over their character in battle. With a number of attacks on their skill bar available they can build up combos and the strategy in their attacks against enemies and Bosses, responsible for every strike and dodge and the ability to outmanoeuvre their foes.


There are a variety of in game features to keep players occupied, ranging from the Instances which give players the chance to fight with their friends in cooperative team based combat against more challenging Bosses or even going head-to-head against other players in the PVP Arena in a test of skills. All game content rewards players with its own gifts, boosts and bonuses to help improve the character and make them more powerful.

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