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Rift F2P

RIFT is an f2p massive multiplaye ronline game set in the dynamic world of Telara where 2 factions forces battle for control in an ever-changing landscape. Players are able to personalize their own class by using on of the best features of the game, the rich, deep and wide arrange of talents you can pick up. Then to embark on epic conflicts that drag them into the story, taking their RPG experience to a new level of achievement and excitement.

- 2 factions
- Huge, dynamic fantasy world
- 6 races and 36 souls to choose from
- All content completely free-to-play
- Alternative subscription option
- In-depth customisation options through the Ascended Soul system
- Planar Attunement system for character progression beyond the level cap
- Massive dynamic battles including PvP, instant adventures, zone events, open-world boss fights, etc.

There are six playable races in this game, all of them with an extended lore. Choosing a race will grant abilities to the player's character and put them in one of the two warring factions. While the Guardians put their faith in the Vigil and the gods of Telara itself, the Defiant believe that salvation lies behind the development and application of sourcestone-fuelled tech.


Instant adventures
They offer instant action and endless loot for those willing to take part in them, no matter what level they are or what role they have. They will be tossed straight to enemies and objectives that scale to their party size.

There are the classic instanced warfronts, taking part in the the massive three-faction Conquest, or across the open world. They will earn experience, coins, gear, and glory.

They are tears in the loom of reality, shows up where the elemental planes of existence collide with Telara, creating a dynamic event for those in the area to fight against, armies bent on conquest and destruction come out of it. Players are presented with big ass mobs and other enemies of the Ascended.

Zone events
These are scheduled events from raids to seasonal events that keep Telara bustling with new dangers and opportunities. They can even get to be zone-wide invasions tearing open the sky and changing the land that will surely keep players occupied.

RIFT features an expansive in-game store with a huge variety of items, boosters and services for credits that can be bought for real money. They have mounts, bag slots, gear, companion pets, XP boosts, services from faction changes to weapon transmogs, and more. Its developer have stated the game is not pay-to-win since the most powerful items will always have to be earned in the game.

Still players can opt for a subscription and become “Patrons” to get improved rewards and weekly chests, there is also a discount for them in some items found in the store.

As the Ascended, players can draw on the souls of ancient champions, grouped in four callings and based on shared experiences and traits. When starting out, players can choose a combination of three of them belonging to the same calling.

Warrior souls: Beastmaster (support), Void Knight (tank), Warlord (DPS), Champion (DPS), Tempest (DPS), Paladin (tank), Paragon (DPS), Reaver (tank), Riftblade (DPS)

Cleric souls: Cabalist (DPS), Shaman (DPS), Warden (healer), Defiler (healer), Druid (DSP), Inquisitor (DPS), Justicar (tank), Purifier (healer), Sentinel (healer)

Mage souls: Archon (support, DPS), Elementalist (DPS), Harbinger (DPS), Necromancer (DPS), Chloromancer (healer), Dominator (support), Pyromancer (DPS), Stormcaller (DPS), Warlock (DPS)

Rogue souls: Bard (support), Assassin (DPS), Bladedancer (DPS), Saboteur (DPS), Tactician (support), Marksman (DPS), Nightblade (DPS), Ranger (DPS), Riftstalker (tank)

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