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Tibia is one of the classic mmorpg of all times, has been around for more than a decade now and has gathered hundreds of thousands of players together. It's a 2D game with old school graphics but a myriad of interesting features.


- Huge and expansive medieval world
- Classes: Knight, Paladin, Druid and Sorcerer
- 800 levels of gameplay
- Customize and upgrade your character with gear and weapons
- Unlock and train skills and spells
- Wide array of monsters to face
- Common mmo features: questing, raids, guild and pking.
- Completely free


Optional PVP – both players must agree to enable pvp, most secure and less problematic mode.

Open PVP – free to engage other players at any time.

Hardcore PVP – same as Open PvP but players block their position and must be defeated if other player wants to pass through him.

Over the years the game has developed a huge amount of different mobs and content in general so players can expect to fight different mobs all the time, but not everything is visual, each of this monsters has unique stats and skills.

They are like skills which can be bought but they have requirements, class and experience to be more specific. There are different types of spells, from damage to healing spells, they consume mana depending on how powerful they are.

There is an achievements system in the game, adding an extra feature to the game which will keep players engaged for a long time, trying to complete them all, they have different tiers and depending on the difficulty they will grant different points to the players, some of them are listed, some of them are not, granting players who unlock an non-listed achievement bragging rights indeed.

The game features tons of quests that also grant achievements still, there are events happening in the world all the time spicing things up and adding that fresh air to the game now and then which is pretty nice once you've played for a long time.

The game is completely free but has the possibility to buy a premium account which grants them access to premium areas, vendors and other stuff, getting new mounts, items and more, they even get access to the tibian transport system to move quickly across the world.

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