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Shadow Kings: Dark Ages F2P

Set in the medieval age, Shadow Kings: Dark Ages is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMO that revolves around the players managing their city, constructing buildings, collecting resources, training up military as it advances into an Empire, while they fight against orc invaders and other players.


Manage your own city
Construct a huge variety of buildings
Train an army to defend yourself and conquer your enemies
Join an Alliance and fight against other players
Browser-based fantasy MMO


Players main objective is to build up a city, and to do this, they have to gather resources, construct buildings, improve the resource production, and train an army, which can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The game has PVE elements, like the AI orc attackers, but focuses primarily on the PVP conflicts between players.


In the game players have to collect and manage five different resources to make advance their city into an Empire:

Gold – This resource is used for practically every type of action. Player can earn gold through taxes.

Stone - The Stone Quarry produces stone, which is used in the construction of buildings.

Wood – The Woodcutters' Hut produces wood, which is used in the construction of some buildings and military tools such as a scaling ladders, battering rams and catapults

Food – Farms produce food which is used up every hour by the military units.

Gems – As well as the normal standard resources available in the game players have the option of using Diamonds earned when levelling up or purchased from the in game store, that can be used to speed up production, buy unique buildings, units and perk items.


Players are able to build a variety of different buildings, from military barracks, quarries and farms to houses which increase the population of your city. Construct a building takes an amount of resources and time; however players are able to put in queue their builds which will continue even if they are not playing.

Players unlock different types of units and building when they reach a certain level, similarly buildings can be upgraded when players have reached the necessary level to do so.


Players are able to train an army made of a lot of different units like Axe Warriors, Paladins, Rifleman, and even Gryphon Knights and send them to attack enemy outposts or cities. Players have to choose which units send to battle because each unit has a particular strength against a certain enemies, but is also weaker against others and so a balanced army is required to find victory in battle.

It takes time for an army to march to its target, and the defending player is going to be notified that an attacking party is coming, giving them time to train defensive units, build fortifications and other tools. When the two armies collide the victor is decided from the combination of units as well as the amount of defenders involved against the number of attackers. If the attacking player is successful, he is able to plunder resources from their defeated opponent.

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