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King of Towers F2P

King of Towers is set in a fantasy realm of humans versus orcs, goblins, Dragons and Demons, united in their attempt to try and destroy the human lands, and follows a traditional Tower Defence style game with a wide selection of added features and mechanics to create a unique MMO. Completely free to play the game can be accessed through your preferred web browser without any need to download a game client.


- Strategic and fast-paced combat
- Face off against dangerous enemies
- Build and enhance your towers
- Learn powerful spells to defeat enemies
- Recruit heroes of the realm to aid you in battle
- Level up and unlock new features in your Kingdom
- Browser-based gameplay
- Completely free to play


After years of peace rumours have arisen that the orcs have once more begun to assemble their armies in preparation for war, the new King Jain Lantafik has just been sworn in as the ruler of Azylon and it is his job to protect the realm. The assembled army of greenskins now stands on your doorstep, made up of goblins, orcs, wolves and even Wyverns and worse and it is your duty to create impenetrable defences and ensure the safety of the realm and its people.


Using traditional Tower Defence mechanics players will progress through different stages on a level, each of which will have its own map that consists of a road and specific points by the roadside that players can construct towers. Once the game has begun enemies will appear in waves at one end of the road and travel down it, automatically attacked by towers as they pass them, the aim of the game is to ensure that they do not reach your territory at the other end of the road.


There are four base types of Tower in the game:

Arrow - this tower shoots arrows quickly and is ideal for killing fast ground units or flying enemies

Mage - penetrating armour this tower is necessary to take down heavily armoured units

Barracks - occasionally summons militia in the road to block units from passing and attacks them

Cannon - a powerful tower able to attack an area and deal damage to clusters of enemies

Players spend in game gold to place towers during a game, but they can also choose to upgrade them into more powerful versions of themselves.


The three primary spells that players gain access to give them some help during the game, each of which has a cool down timer so must be used tactically:

Militia - target an area to summon militiamen that will act as defenders, attacking any enemies

Static - a single shock attack used to target one enemy to deal lots of damage

Hail - a powerful attack that strikes multiple opponents with AOE damage


There are a wide variety of enemies that players can face as part of a wave, different combinations can prompt different strategies and the necessity for different types of Towers to be built:

Goblins - typically weak enemies on their own their advantage is that they spawn in great numbers and with the aid of other enemies they can quickly overwhelm a player's defences

Orcs - heavily armoured and able to take a lot of damage, they can hold out against most towers but are extremely vulnerable against Mage Towers

Wolves - fast enough to make their way past towers with slower firing speeds, if not dealt with quickly they can reach the end of the path and into the player's territory quickly

Shaman - another enemy that is relatively weak on its own but has the added bonus of being able to heal its allies, making some tough enemies even tougher to kill

Wyvern - a single flying enemy that can fly straight over the top of ground units and requires an Archery Tower to take them down

The types of enemy and their abilities that players will go up against will depend on the level that they are playing, with each level broken up into various stages.


Players have access to the Kingdom screen which enables them to try out a number of features through the various Kingdom buildings, these features range from allowing players to recruit Heroes, try out special challenges, construct items and gear to help them in battle and upgrade their towers and spells to make them stronger and add extra effects to them.

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