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Siege Online is free mix of RPG and RTS set in a medieval theme where civil wars are taking place. Players become lords and they must raise themselves from the ground, build a castle, gather troops and conquest others while fiddling in the complex economy model the game features.

- Castle management
- Deep and complex economy
- Battle system based on strategy
- Real-time combat
- PvP areas
- Complex guild mechanics

Apart from building their own castle and upgrade it players can build many other buildings to fit their needs, all of them can be upgraded as well. There is a rating to measure how many things a player needs to do to reach the completion of development. Depending on this rating players can build and hire different buildings and troops.

The game has trading , crafting, hunting, mining and herb gathering, so the flow of the market is greatly impacted by all players.

Players can engage in real time battles with hundreds of units, there are PvP zones to fight other players, and raid against AI controlled alliances and the consequent diplomacy. The game mechanics are simple which allow a wide variety of tactics to take place.

Players who are members of a guild have several benefits such as a guild hub, and big and powerful guilds can capture their very own piece of land and raise a town there.

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