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Street Mobster F2P

Stree mobster is a management mmo that runs on a browser and put players in the role of a criminal who just got out of jail, they must make a name again, stack piles of money and watch out for your rivals. Players get to raise their own mafia empire from the ground up by getting into serious business, earning money and spending it properly, they will have to compete against other players.

- Several items to use
- Dog breeding to fight
- Vehicles
- Quests to complete
- Solo and party content

Players can wander the streets and perform some actions to get reputation and money, such as rob houses, mugginc people, etc. Then they will be able to buy items and gear to get better, there is also the possibility to improve the character directly by going to the gym or school to improve specific stats.

When players get to a point where money comes in huge loads, they must choose wisely where to spend it, there are different businesses where you can put your money on or you can just do illegal stuff such as dogfighting or manufacturing weapons.

Of course you can go legit and start your own bar or even a casino where you can actually play some minigames and get money out of it, so you can chat with your friends while doing this.

There is a global rank for each country where you can see yourself compared to other players, play hard and you will raise some positions and will be the envy of all your friends. There are also rewards for those who get into the top 1000.

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