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Summoner's Legion F2P


This browser based free-to-play MMOTCG allows players to build their own decks, composed of powerful units and abilities and use them to fight against players from around the world, or against the AI. The game offers hundreds of different cards creating an infinite number of available strategies and players can spend in game currency or real-world cash to purchase booster packs from the store that will give them access to more cards.


- Four distinct classes with their own skills
- Five different races that determine the troops available
- Hundreds of different cards
- PvP and PvE game modes
- Buy booster packs to add more cards to your decks
- Free-to-Play
- Browser Game


Our goal in the game is to build an unstoppable deck and use it in turn-based strategic battles against one or more opponents. When players level up they'll unlock different game systems as well as in game currency to purchase new cards.


The battlefields are composed of several lines (one to three) divided into 10 squares, where we can put our troops, that links up the two opposing Heroes. Each square acts as a position to hold a single Unit as they try to move from their Hero towards the enemy.


Each player controls one Hero in the battle, a stationary character with their own hit points that remains at their side of the battlefield. The primary objective is to ensure your Hero stays alive whilst your Units make their way over to the enemy Hero and kill them.

Warrior - using their Longsword they are able to bolster a single Allied unit's attack value by +1, their skills focus primarily on bolstering units' defences

Ranger - using a Hidden Dagger gives them the chance to deal direct damage to an enemy target unit and their skills revolve around hindering, damaging and outright killing enemy units

Mage - using a burn damage over time attack to a single enemy their skills revolve around destructive area damage that can target multiple units (sometimes their own)

Priest - using a Life Staff they can increase the hit points of a friendly unit and their skills similarly focus on healing and buffing their own troops


The unit cards represent the troops available in the battlefield. They are the main offensive and defensive cards that players can use in combat. They have different attributes and features listed below:

Health points - Each unit has a number of hit points that determine how much damage can withstand before being destroyed.

Attack - Whether physical or magical damage, this value determines how much damage can be done by each unit when attacking another unit or the rival hero.

Mana cost - Each player has a mana pool that increments its cap at every turn and is filled in at the beginning of each turn. Each card has a Mana Cost that determines how many mana from this pool must be spent in order to put the card into play

Traits - Many units have their own traits, skills that enable them to be more useful in combat, increasing their overall movement, their available attack range and other tactical abilities such as attacking enemies on different rows and healing allies.

Quality – This attribute defines how powerful and rare is the card.


Depending on our class, we have at our disposal different skill cards, which allow us to use different tactics, from dealing direct damage to an enemy, drawing more than one card per turn or placing buffs on friendly units.

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