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Nosgoth is a free online TPS set in the Legacy of kain franchise. Nosgoth is the name of tha land where it takes place. Players pick between human and vampires and crash each others bones to death, it's a based on faction team combats and has high quality graphics and fast-paced gameplay

- 2 factions and 3 classes
- Team-based online gameplay
- Swift and gore combat
- Wide arrange of weaponryHuge variety of weapons
- Easy to handle controls
- Totally free

They're at a good spot after releasing themselves from slavery, all humankind has joined forces against the vampires and rely heavily on their weapons to slay vampires.

They are at the opposite side, fighting among them for supremacy now that the emperor Kain has disappeared. They are now trying to work together for the heck of their survival.

They are agile and sneaky predators which are silent and smart enough to out manoeuver any trick humans may try.

They are pure raw brutality, featuring an insane strength and resistance they crash humans by dozens while on the battlefront.

They're like gargoyles but can suck blood as well, they have limited flying capabilities but when they get up there they're lethal, taking their preys by surprise.

They're the best marksmen the humans have, relying on their bows they use to hit and run to defeat vampires.

They manage an interesting weapon, chemistry, from explosive cocktails to the transformative potions they can unleash hell on the vampires.

They are very skilled warriors who handle close combat tactics and ranged weaponry alike.

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