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Terra Militaris is a free online RTS browser game, with amazing graphics and smooth gameplay, where you will battle alongside thousands of other players in PvP and PvE warfare. Terra Militaris also includes a special Guild vs. Guild (GvG) battle system, where you can vanquish your rivals and become a Guild superpower. Players will have to choose from four civilizations: Rome, China, Egypt, and Persia. If one of them rises up and defeats the other three, the winning civilization will be declared a Terra Militaris Champion and the game session will reset, with spoils to the victors. You must form strategic alliances and fight, or your empire and your entire civilization may be swept from the world.

Your empire will evolve from the Dark Ages into a glorious Empire. Each age brings new challenges, abilities, quests, units and structure types. Expand your empire into wild, untouched territory, or pillage a rival for space in the epically huge environment of the known world. Dispatch your traders to acquire exotic goods and sell them in cities across the known world.


- Lay siege to enemy cities for profit and the glory of your Empire.
- Build your empire in one of four powerful civilizations: Egypt, China, Persia, or Rome.
- Fight in epic real-time Player vs. Environment, Player vs. Player, and Guild vs. Guild battles, with as many as four players battling simultaneously!
- Advance your civilization from the Wild Age to the Imperial Age, as you gain power and influence through commerce, construction, and combat!
- Expand your civilization's political influence, potentially conquering the entire world!
- Gain the upper hand by empowering your Heroes through experience, items, and skills. Don't just build an army, create the ideal general for your play style!
- Robust Merchant System allows you to build your fortune, as you travel and trade with villages and cities across the known world.
- Develop massive armies consisting of melee, ranged, cavalry, and siege units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
- Comprehensive Questing and Tutorial Systems, including building, civilization, hero, and reputation quests.

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