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The Repopulation is a free MMO where different factions fight for control over a planet, it's a sandbox game therefore players can go and do what they want, having complete freedom, they can get involved in battles or affect the world in other ways by using non-combat professions.


- 3 factions PvP system with the ability to create rogue factions.
- Skill-based system with no levels.
- Player own cities.
- Military ranks with new abilities, titles and items.
- Established your own level of reaction against foreign nations.
- Dynamic NPC dialogues generated for specific situations.
- Random missions across the world to reward exploration.
- Regular missions of different types, diplomacy, crafting, and such.
- Pets are available in the game, from genetically engineered creatures to robots and beasts.

The game revolves around skills, with over 70 different ones to pick and upgrade, unlocking new skills and bonuses while using them, there are no limits or restrictions in what skills can be trained so players could get to master all of them but would take a long long time.

There are six main categories of skills Beneficial, Combat, Armour, Defensive, Trade and General. They all have ranks that can be increased by using them and unlock special behaviours and bonuses.

One of the best features in the game is the ability to switch from traditional target-based game mechanics you usually find in MMORPGs to a modern action combat mechanic where players gain full control of their character which is closer to an FPS game.

Since the game is all about skills the statistics won't change much as there are no levels, skills and gear are the key to increase your character's power and shape it the way you want. Thanks to this mechanics PvP content is very enjoyable as a new player can kill an old player who specialized in something not related to toughness.

The PvP in this game is quite extensive and having two warring factions makes it perfect for it, players can conquer territory by sieging cities which it's a pretty complex mechanic by itself divided into several different parts.

There are even hardcore servers where pvp is enabled everywhere and players can loot their foes corpses, and where dying has a heavy toll. The thrill of wandering around the world at its maximum.

The game also incorporates pets, divided in three main categories by the way they are obtained: tamed, genetically engineered and robotics. They all have different roles depending on their bilities and powers bringing a wide array of possibilities to the table, specially when they grow up.

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