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The settlers online is a free-to-play MMORTS which brings the popular The Settlers franchise into browsers. Players are the kings of a rising empire trying to become famous and powerful. Develop your land producing the raw resources and spending them to upgrade your kingdom. Explore the nearby land to find loyal allies or ferocious enemies, and join your friends to live exciting adventures together.


The foundation of any settlement is a functioning goods distribution network. You should therefore ensure that your settlers always have enough raw materials and goods available.


- Build your own medieval kingdom.
- Play in your browser, no download required.
- Expand your empire through exploration and trade and battle foes to secure its glory.
- Join friends to adventure together.


You can explore the surroundings and discover new regions to expand your settlement. Not only will you find valuable raw material deposits there, but also encounter bandit camps who will try to prevent you from accessing them.


The Settlers is particularly good fun when you play with friends. There are many ways in which you can interact and communicate with other players and enjoy shared experiences in the world. Trade with other players by using the integrated friends list, or chat with them using the game chat function.


Rise up to the challenge of some thrilling adventures with your friends in the world of The Settlers. Explore new islands and protect your empire from any threats you may face.

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