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World of speed F2P

World of Speed is a free racing mmo with high quality graphics where players can race other players, try to beat their times, or even play on a team and being part of a racing club.

- AAA HQ visuals.
- Earn or buy cars from a wide collection.
- Race solo or with friends.
- Iconic locations to race through them.
- Different game modes
- Create a racing club and customize it.
- Regular updates
- Completely free

Players get the chance to drive the fastest cars on the planet and race against other players or the AI on iconic locations from all around the globe. They can also earn trophies, collect and customize cars and even create or join a racing club.

There are different game modes so players will have to tweak their cars and practice in order to beat their friends on all of them, the game is an arcade approach with stunning visuals.

Another important thing to have in mind are the location of the tracks, in World of speed you're taken to well-known places to race so it's more appealing than racing on unknown locations, if you add the HQ graphics and high level of detail the cars and the tracks have you can be sure it's an amazing experience.

In this game even if you don't win a race or get to the podium you will gain points during the race by performing combos or completing specific tasks so even on the worst case scenario you won't lose your time.

Extending this functionality there are also team objectives, when you play with friends in a team, each one will play a different role like in a mmorpg, these are wingman, drifter, drafter and blocker, each one with its different tasks and goals that will grant extra points when played properly.

With both systems the game has a unique way of keeping players engaged and having fun without the obsession of winning and the frustration of losing.

In all racing games, the cars available to players are one of the keys to success, this game has several car models available broken down into different categories, retro machines, American muscle cars and supercars.

Each model has realistic graphics based on the actual car and will have balanced statistics to compete against other players. The game has several licenses so known manufacturers will be present in the game instead of using generic names and 3d models like other games do.

There is an important social feature called racing clubs where players get to talk to each other and play together, they will be able to customize the log and even gain access to a club garage but that's not all, the best part is they can try to beat other clubs in the territory wars.

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