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Thirty Kingdoms F2P

Thirty Kingdoms is a browser-based free to play Empire building MMO where players must build up an empire in a fantasy realm and compete against 29 players for the domination of the world. Players have to protect their provinces, and make them progress through acquiring resources, constructing buildings and training up an army made up of archers, warriors, knights and even trolls, mages and dragons.


Manage your own Empire
Compete against 29 player controlled Noble Houses to conquer the world
Build dozens of buildings and train a lot of different troops
Conduct diplomacy, trade, espionage and warfare
Use siege mechanics to conquer your enemies
Browser-based MMO


Players will begin their adventure controlling 5 provinces in a map made up of over one hundred provinces divided into two continents, separated by a huge sea and controlled by a combination of the 29 other players controlled Noble Houses, as well as an AI barbarian faction. In the game, players can choose what they want to do, however the PvP battles between Houses to expand their kingdoms are strongly encouraged.


Resources are used for the majority of actions in the game, like constructing buildings or training up an army. Players will use their units to acquire resources as wood, stone, grain, mithril and iron; each province has a primary output of one or more of these resources that players can earn if they seize control of them. Alternatively players have the option of buying Emeralds, the game's premium currency, to instantly get more resources if they need them.


Another interesting feature of the game is the morale, which can affect either the troops or the population. Morale is reduced by losing battles, forcing the troops or reducing the happiness of the population. A low morale reduces the productivity and the efficiency of the provinces or makes the troops to combat worse, on the other hand if their morale is very high will get much better results. Another method to increase the morale of your troops or your population is building special buildings or using emeralds.


Another key element of the game is the spy system, whereby players can hire spies or assassins to spy rival provinces or deal with their enemies in a more permanent fashion; they also serve to protect their own territories from enemy spies.


Each day The King's Chronicles newspaper is updated, showing which new players have entered the game (taking over the AI Houses), showing what actions have been made in other provinces in so far as buildings that have been constructed, which players are currently at war and who started the battle and more. Players are also able to write their own articles that will be published, including images if the players are subscribed to the VIP High Nobility.

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