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Tiny Mighty F2P


Free-to-play MMO RPG


Web browsers




In Tiny Mighty you manage your own group of superheroes and make hem battle against all kinds of bad guys through different missions. In the game we recruit, train, and will equip our heroes so they can face the most difficult and dangerous missions. Tiny Mighty has cartoon style graphics, automated game systems, and mechanics suitable for all ages. The game is free-to-play and can be played from any Web browser.


More than 40 different heroes
Equip your heroes
Complete missions to advance through the game
Improve your heroes teaching them skills
PvP and PvE content
Automated game systems
Browser Game
Completely free-to-play


In the game, our goal is to bring together a group of heroes by choosing from a wide selection of heroes, equip and train them so they can overcome the most complicated and dangerous missions. Each superhero can level up to become more powerful, and when a team of heroes is powerful enough they can face all kinds of PvE and PvP challenges. In addition as we level up our account we unlock new features and game systems.


The Mighty Tiny Superheroes are superdeformed imitations of popular Marvel heroes, like for example 'Maroon Witch' (similar to the Scarlet Witch), 'The Hunk' (basically a blue Hulk), 'Dr Octopi' (a chubby and Bighead Dr Octopus version) or the Captain Mars (which is equal to Captain America but with an M instead of an A on his shield and his helmet).

Each hero is classified by their main attribute: Dextery, Strength or Intelligence, and by its position in the battles; tanks with more health and resistance are usually in the front, the most versatile heroes stays in the center and the most offensive and fragile in the rearguard. Players can go acquiring new heroes through the lottery, or recruiting them in the tavern.


Each hero can have up to 4 skills that can be unlocked as they gain division; the heroes of the grey division have one skill, green division 2 skills, blue division 3 skills and purple division 4 skills. Each division reflects the rarity and the power of the heroes. In combat the heroes use basic attacks, but they build up energy with each attack that allows them to use their powerful skills. We can improve the skills of our heroes using gold.

To raise the category of their heroes, players have to get six pieces of gear specific to each of them; once one hero has all of them, he can be improved to increase its division, destroying the equipped items in the process. The higher is the division that we want to achieve the more difficult the gear is to acquire


The missions that we take usually ask us of complete several stages using groups of up to 5 heroes. Each level consists of 3 or more stages, and usually at the end of each level we fight against one or more bosses. Certain levels require you to use a specific combination of heroes which counter the abilities of enemies in the area.

Combats are fully automatic, and heroes will automatically progress from area to area, attacking any enemy that crosses his way. All you have to do is to choose when to use the heroes special skills (although you can also leave the characters use them automatically). When you've completed a level, you can repeat it to get more rewards and experience or use Blitz Tokens to complete them instantly.

All quests, dungeons and PVE use Stamina, which replenishes slowly over time, otherwise players must spend Diamonds premium currency to recover their stamina and continue playing the game.


Web browsers

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