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Trove F2P

MMO Genre: F2P Building MMO
Platform Availability: Windows
Developed By: Trion World

Trove is a free to play MMO where players can explore, adventure, craft and build their way through a number of exciting themed landscapes as they seek out quests, treasure, enemies and experience a wide variety of game features. The game is a sandbox voxel based adventure where players can build and destroy the world around them as they delve into a number of procedurally generated worlds that also allow for players unprecedented creative freedom to build their own.

Entering the world players can choose from a growing selection of available classes, with seven currently available ranging from the Knight, Gunslinger, Candy Barbarian and more each class has their own unique abilities for dealing with the many enemies that they will encounter around the world. The Knights focuses on crushing enemies with his huge sword and keeping himself healed when in battle, whereas the Gunslinger has a number of ranged attacks using a charged plasma pistol or using Run and Gun tactics to cut down enemies in a blaze of glory. Weapons in hand players can seek out a world of adventure, hunting down enemies and looting a score of magic items and gear as well as trophies and world building blocks to enable their creations. New Classes can be unlocked by gaining access to Class Tokens, with each Class playing completely differently it is a completely new adventure when switching freely between the classes.

Tooled up players are ready to explore the world of Trove, or the many worlds to be more precise, broken down into a variety of Biomes, these unique locations will offer a themed ecosystem that offers a completely different environment. These environments house new dangers and terrain ranging from the expansive icy tundra of Permafrost to the barren Wild West style lands of Desert Frontier. Biomes are arranged by level, with some later worlds offering far greater challenges such as the Dragonfire Peaks that is made up with maze-like canyons and valleys and a horizon aflame patrolled by all manner of Dragon kin seeking out their next meal.

Within each Biome players will find a variety of Dungeons, immense adventure locations for questing that will harbour some of the deadliest creatures and threats within the game, ranging from caverns, crypts and castles; whilst some can be taken on alone many will require companions to take on the challenges. As well as the Dungeons players will also find a number of Lairs dotted around the landscapes, small mini dungeons that have their own dangers and boss to defeat that will drop all manner of loot items to equip your characters with more powerful armour and weapons as well as a number of other useful items to help with crafting.

Every player in the game has their own Cornerstone, a portable personal home that can be packed up and replaced at the various locations throughout the different worlds meaning that your place of rest is never too far away from where you are currently adventuring. Players are able to customise and construct their own Cornerstone using a variety of blocks, windows, doors and other decorative items as well as functional items such as workbenches, healing pools and teleporters. Bases can be built up block by block using the materials farmed throughout the world including rare items to give your Cornerstone a little extra personality.

As well as building your own Cornerstone players can work together to form a Club World where players can help each other out to create their own massive expandable world that is made available to everyone within the Club. Alternatively, players can create new items and submit them over on the games official subreddit at and, if approved, get their items created by the developers and placed in game as a permanent fixture!

The game is free to play and players can unlock various currencies in the game to get access to new items, however players can purchase Credits using real-world cash that they can spend in game or even buy starter packs to give them access to extra classes, vehicles, wings and a wide selection of building blocks to get them started on their journey.

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