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UFO Online: Fight for Earth is a free to play browser online game set in the near future. Humanity has split into three factions that are competing for the few remaining resources left on Earth. Energy is in short supply and, to top it all off, first contact has been made to extraterrestrials. The game consist in waging tactical battles across the world with your hero, build your base and put together a hard-hitting group of fighters. Unlike in other browser-based game, all fights are rendered entirely in 3D.


- The Unity 3D allows you to experience real 3D models during battles. No more boring, ugly text-based battles like you might know from other browser games.

- Your weapon isn't packing enough punch? Complete missions and beat opponents. You can use resources to improve weapons and items.

- Think twice about your next move. You're responsible for your team and it should come out of the battle victoriously. Whether you're fighting aliens or other players.

- Expand your base so you can accommodate more units and heal them more effectively or just to be able to create even better weapons.

- Choose one of three factions. Whether you choose the American Stability Pact, the Central Economic Federation or the Ruling Confederation East, each side has its advantages and disadvantages and its own goals.

- Choose between different classes and optimize your team. Whether tank, medic or sniper: You can choose from these and more in the game.

- You're dreaming of taking over the world? In UFO Online, you can. Good luck, you'll need it!


PvE mode is all about destroying the extraterrestrial invaders while PvP battles are between players. Here they need to demonstrate their tactical skills and the firepower of their troops against other human opponents.

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