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LEGO, or Legends of Chima Online is a free online massive multiplayer that takes place on a persistent world from the popular cartoon series. Players can customize their characters and build outposts in the world of Chima, players can also do the usual stuff in this type of games, explore, complete missions and fight enemies with the added value of being able to use LEGO bricks to build stuff.

- Rewarding exploration with hidden treasures
- LEGO take on housing system which offer powers and abilities
- Collect bricks to craft gadgets, weapons and armour
- CHI mechanic unleashes a great power
- Complete missions to gain interesting rewards
- Go social and play with your friends for an even better experience

You get to own an outpost, which is an instanced piece of land where you can construct buildings you need like crafting buildings among several more, they all grant you some kind of feature or bonus so you're free to build them and upgrade them as you see fit, depending on your play style. You can also craft your own gear with the studs you gather during your journey across Chima.

Materials are required to build and you will find them while playing, the building process takes time to fulfil but if you are in need for a specific building you can use golden blocks to speed up building, they are also earned by playing. As you progress in the game your outpost plot will expand and more buildings will become available.

Gathering colored bricks as materials allow you to craft weapons and armours, and build the proper building to craft that. Players also needs building instructions which are the LEGO version of recipes and allow to build new items, they can be looted from chests, mobs, and quest rewards.

There are no classes nor restrictions, players can play how they prefer to and create the hero they want, they can customize from the appearance to the weapons and skills their hero uses, by crafting and building the proper gear and buildings.

The combat is simple but at the same time enjoyable, thanks to the mouse-driven controls, point and click mechanics and friendly interface, you click where you want your hero to go, and click on enemies to attack them, left click for the left hand weapon and right click for the right hand weapon. There is always an “unleash chi power” button which will trigger a powerful skill which is meant to be used under extreme circunstances, this uses chi power which is collected by getting chi orbs from mobs and other sources.

There are also turrets and companions which fight for you for a limited amount of time, but being able to use them depends on whether you have built the corresponding building or not.

The game is focused for all ages but keeps kids on the first place, so creating a safe environment for them to play in is very important. The chat is heavily filtered and moderated from harsh words to personal information everything is removed.

There are two currencies in the game, one of them are studs which are used for building, crafting, buying and pretty much anything. Then you have the golden bricks which are earned through the game as well and are used for speeding up constructions, among other things.

The game has a very open free to play model allowing players to experience the whole game without restrictions for free, although premium members have some perks such as extra inventory slots, access to exclusive in-game items and buildings, more power slots and gold bricks drop rate increased.

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