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Iris Online is a colourful free mmo rpg , set in a world full of intricate and chromatic 3D graphics. Select a race and character class and embark on one of the thousands of quests, explore the rich instance dungeons, and climb aboard one of many unreal mounts. Make a visit to the mystic Fortune Teller or use the Monster Card to morph into a toadstool, mighty boss monster and more.

There are three races, six character classes, and several professions that players can choose from. These include Humans, Hybrids and Elves. The Humans are strong, and excel in the fields of magic and technology – play either as a powerful Fighter or a spiritual Mage. The Elves are mystical and highly intelligent, using their strong connection with nature to harness almighty power – play either as an adventurous Ranger or a bewitching Shaman.The Hybrids are half-animal and half-human, and use strength and stamina to defeat their enemies – play either as a mighty warrior or a stealth-like rogue.

You can play with 22 unique Major Tarot Cards, and 56 Minor Tarot Cards. Each card features cute anime-style graphics and contain powerful abilities within. Customize your character, harness magic powers through spell carving or obtain exciting new equipment through the use of the Tarot Cards. There are 22 instance dungeons, each with their own unique theme, such as the mysterious Wheel of Fortune dungeon, the challenging Tower dungeon and the romantic Lovers dungeon, where players can only enter in pairs.

Transform into bizarre and colorful creatures using the Monster Card in Iris Online, and head to one of the competitive battle zones to engage in intense PvP death matches. Earn money, battle points and experience as you overthrow your opponents using the powerful elements of nature.

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