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OnePiece Online is fast and fun pirate MMORPG based on the Japanese manga of the same name, where players play as a pirate captain who will have to recruit its own crew to be able to face all kinds of challenges and enemies. Players are able to play the game in their preferred web browser for free with the option of VIP paid options for those players that wish for a little extra.


- Three different classes
- A huge selection of characters with their own stats to recruit
- Strategic formations and tactical combats
- Faithful to the original manga
- Browser game
- Free-to-play


The core of the game revolves around creating a character, exploring the game world, and unlocking new content and game systems as you level up. We will also have to complete quests, challenges and fight against waves of enemies. Players will need to form tactical groups and create formations with different companions that will join their groups. The final objective of the game is to participate in exciting PvP battles.


The three primary classes available in the game focus on different types of combat, which in turn changes up an individual players strategy as to the types of NPC Partners they will want to recruit into their group:

Sniper – favoring the gun in combat this long ranged marksman is strong against the Devil Fruit User, but is restrained by the Swordsman class

Swordsman – an exceptionally skilled fighter trained in the art of swordsmanship, she is strong against the Sniper, but is restrained against the Devil Fruit User class

Devil Fruit User – mastering the magic of the Devil Fruit, this long ranged caster also uses pets, she is strong against the Swordsman, but is restrained by the Sniper class


In the game we will have at our disposal a wide variety of characters that we can recruit for our crews. These characters are mainly pirates, criminals and criminals made up from various familiar faces from the One Piece universe. Each partner has a rarity value associated, that determines how powerful they are, from weakest to strongest: blue, purple, red and gold.

Purple, red and gold - These companions are formidable fighters and have their own special attacks, so they are perfect for any group and formation.

Blue - Although when they are alone, blue companions seem useless, however when combined with other characters or treasures then they gain extremely powerful Fate abilities

Partners can be recruited using the bounty system in the tavern, where players can spend game money or Vivre Cards to recruit them. Each partner will be in the tavern for 72 hours, before the player needs to decide whether or not to recruit them.


As players gain level they'll unlock more spaces in their formations, allowing them to have more partners at his side. This also means that you can create different formations and thus take advantage of the full potential of each character. Players will unlock further Formations that may best suit their chosen class as they progress through the game.


When acquiring a quest, players will typically have to fight against a powerful NPC; working their way through a quest chain they must complete various Challenge stages. These challenges consist of battles that require a player and their team to defend their own Pirate flag, the flag is able to take 10 attacks before the player loses the game and so they must defeat all enemies in this time. When a player successfully defeats the enemy they will be graded on their performance with a maximum of three stars to be earned if their flag was not damaged which will yield them a greater amount of XP and extra bonus rewards. During the battle players are able to move around their own main character and the Partners will be automatically controlled by the AI, however if left untouched a player's main character will also go into automated combat and take on the enemy without player involvement.

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