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WARSTORY: Europe in Flames is a strategy f2p mmo game for browser, with realm time battles, in which you lead a powerful company through the battlerage of World War 2. Fighting alongside the Americans or the Soviets to liberate Europe from the Axis forces. You must Win the race to Berlin and decide the outcome of the war for you and your forces. Become part of the large-scale allied offensive and fight in decisive battles on all European fronts.


A battalion consists of a maximum of 10 members. In order to avoid the military regulations it’s possible to increase the limit with gold donations. A battalion give you the possibility to coordinate you better, e.g. in our own battalion chat. You can also compete with other battalions for the first rankings on the war targets. The founder of the battalion is the major and he has full control, especially the most important: he decides, in which operation the battalion changes after Berlin fell.

Your commanders

Create your own, individual commander. Accomplish difficult achievements and collect rare titles in order to make your commander into a world-famous veteran.


Engage the dangerous Wehrmacht in action packed real time battles. Use powerful special abilities like airstrike or MG barrages. Plan flexible tactics and use the cover of forests, hills or ruined cityscapes to your advantage. Assemble individual units, equipment and officers before each battle, and engage in exciting real-time battles against Axis units.

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