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Wizard 101 F2P

DEVELOPED BY: Kingsisle Entertainment


A fantasy based MMORPG 3D where players are new initiates to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts run by headmaster Ambrose, upon your first day you witness the return of a banned former teacher of the school, Malistaire Drake, the ex-teacher of Death magic. Why has he returned? What are his plans? Is he responsible for the creatures that are appearing across the realm of The Spiral? In this free to play title players will lead a story-driven adventure to try and uncover the sinister goings on, learn to become powerful wizards and battle against monstrous enemies and duel other players in PVP.


- Become a wizard in a fantasy realm
- Choose from seven magic schools
- Build up your own deck of spells for Card Collecting Game style combat
- Acquire your own pets
- Complete quests in PVE by yourself or with other players
- Duel other players in the Arena
- Fun mini-games
- 100% F2P


Wizard101 is a traditional MMORPG where players explore a 3D world broken up into various zones providing different quests and storylines, new enemies, and the chance to find more powerful items and spells. The combat element uses a CCG style system where players take it in turns to fight each other using card spells from their deck, which will improve as they level up through acquired XP and also craft their own spells with the crafting system.

The game is marketed towards younger players with its theme, story-telling and graphics, as well as the safety features that are prominent. Players can communicate with each other primarily through various emotes and pre-written words and phrases for greetings or the most commonly needed terms. The game does have a text chat option where players can type conversations, however, this is restricted to players over 13 and must be unlocked by an adult for younger children (to both use the feature or see other people typing); when unlocked there are a number of heavy word filters to remove rude or offensive chat.


The Combat system is based on a CCG and when in combat all opponents take it in turns to draw a single card, which costs mana, and will either hinder or damage a target, or help and heal them (i.e. healing themselves or an ally). Combat continues until the opponent has lost all its healthpoints and is removed from the battle; as players increase their level they unlock new spells from their chosen school making them considerably more powerful.

Combat generally takes place in the open world with players able to initiate it with the various AI enemies that are scattered around the zones, approaching an enemy will lock a player into a battle arena screen, however, other players can see the player in the open world doing battle and can either watch the fight unfold or get involved themselves to assist the player. Outside of PVE there is also an Arena where players can duel each other in 1 vs 1 battles, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 matchups, here players can battle in unranked practice mode or ranked games to try and climb the league board and earn prizes for themselves.


In Wizard101 there are 7 “classes” in the forms of schools of magic (Death, Life, Balance, Fire, Ice and Storm), these determine which types of spells players will be able to use based on their choice at character creation (the game has a questionnaire to help fit people into a class they might enjoy based off their answers, but players are free to choose any school they like). The schools of magic show off various playstyles depending on a player's preference, such as the Ice school focusing on heavy defences and absorbing damage, whereas the Storm school is more about high damage output and being extremely aggressive with spells but having a lower hitpoint total; the Balance school is a combination of all the schools with no major strength in one area, but extremely powerful due to its diversity.


Operating System: Windows 98 SE, Mac OSX
Processor: Intel Processor 1GHz
Hard Drive Space: 5GB
Graphics: GeForce 2 or higher

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