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World Tour Fishing F2P

World Tour Fishing is a free fishing MMO where players can travel the world completing tasks and entering competitions to prove themselves as the best fishermen in the game. They can customize their characters look, their gear and they even have their own aquariums to display their fish.

- Fishing mmo
- Explore the world and catch rare fish
- Customize your character look, gear and aquarium
- Complete quests and earn xp and gold
- Completely free

Players start taking on a number of quests and unlock the story as they go, they will grant players XP and gold as well as the occasional item upon successful completion. Players will travel across the globe to key fishing locations to try and catch the rarest fish in the world proving themselves against the rest of the community.

Fishing requires skill and reflexes as well as preparation for bringing the right bait and fishing in the right conditions to catch what you're looking for; depending on the weather it will determine how difficult it is to hook fish and what's type of fish will be around e.g. when it rains big fish will appear more often.

Players are able to choose from four different characters, either male or female and change their look as well as choosing some clothing from the top, bottom and footwear. Different backgrounds can be chosen from cityscapes to beaches when people view your profile and choose a number of a mouse that your character will use in game as well is finally choosing your character's name.

With the in-game currency called gold, players can purchase items and extra clothing from the in game store, or upgrade their gear and equipment and even purchase their own boats!

Players can decorate and customise their own aquariums to their own particular liking, decorating them with various plants, rocks and features to create their ideal look. There players can display the various fish that they have caught to either create a peaceful environment as they watched their fish swim around showcase the rare fish that they have managed to capture.

There are different Fishing spots around the world, the number of them in different countries that give access to different areas to catch unique fish that can only be found there. Players are sent to these various locations during their quests, different fish from around the world will require different types of bait to catch it, players can make them themselves and will range in quality and directly affect their fishing attempts.

Whilst many players catch fish to complete the quests, or fill up their aquariums, some simply wish to try and complete their personal Fishopedia; it's like an achievments board so players know what to go for next if they feel like getting them all. all the fish available in the game that are individually on locked as a player catches them. The Fishopedia shows the unique design of each fish along with its stats and facts to do with both the fish itself and the location that they can be caught.

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