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A free to play MMORPG, Aion follows a fantasy theme of ancient races, monsters and evil of the world, and ties all together with a story driven narrative in the form of quests that players complete in order to progress bother the story-arc and their characters. The game features world PVE, Instanced dungeons, PVP battles, crafting and enchanting, organized player groups known as Legions, multiple classes, and even flight based content in the form of travelling and combat!


- Two opposed factions: Asomidans and Elyos
- 6 Core classes, 10 available Careers
- PVE “Instances” for solo, group and Legion play
- PVP within the Arena
- Flight allows players to travel and battle through the air
- In depth profession and crafting system
- 100% F2P


The core of Aion is like most other MMORPGs, it is a traditional “themepark” style title that gives players various quests to push through the game and improve their character, earning new skills and increasing their attributes, as well as acquiring or crafting various items of gear to further enhance their abilities. One of the primary features of Aion is that all players earn their character's wings very early on in the game, and character flight is an integral part to gameplay with players able to fly in specific flight zones, staying in the air for a minute or longer if new items are acquired, as well as battling with both PVE enemies and real players in PVP.


In Aion players can choose to join one of two warring factions, splintered sub-races from an immortal race known as the Daeva, when a world rending event known as the Cataclysm divided the world it sent one half of this people into the darkness and another to spend centuries in the light. Those who suffered in darkness came to be known as the Asmodians, a more demonic twisted variation of their original selves who suffered untol hardships in the dark, whereas their kin who basked in the sun were beautiful celestials that called themselves the Elyos. Both blamed one another for the Cataclysm, and the centuries apart had changed more than just their appearance; different lifestyles, beliefs and cultures have put these two at odds and now they are locked in an endless war.


When players create their character they choose from the two base factions, Asmodian or Elyos, each having a signature appearance about them, however the game provides all types of options, colours and sliders to fully customize the look of a character to the player's personal preference.

There are currently six playable classes in the game: Mage, Scout, Priest, Engineer, Warrior and Artist, with the exception of the Artist each class has two distinct career paths that a player can choose when they “Ascend”, effectively giving the game 21 different classes with each career having unique skills. A class such as the Scout focuses on dealing damage and using high agility and dexterity over pure brawn such as the Warrior does, however as a Scout players could choose to focus on melee combat as an Assassin, getting in and out of battle and quickly bursting enemies with high amounts of damage, or play a long distance Ranger and take out targets before they can even get close.


The crafting system itself is quite in-depth and again offers a lot of customization options insofar as crafting and augmenting certain items, particularly with the professions that create armor and weapons. Players can acquire base materials to craft such objects, looting them, gathering them from nodes around the world, trading them with players or purchasing them from shops; however, some powerful enhancement items such as Manastones and Godstones allow players to further customize gear and make it even more powerful, adding or improving attributes to the weapon and even, in the case of weapons, adding new effects that are triggered each time a weapon hits an enemy!


Operating System: Windows Vista-7-8-10
Processor: AMD Sempron 2800 or Pentium4 2.8GHz
Memory: 1GB
Hard Drive Space: 60GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon X1550 or GeForce 6600
DirectX: 9.0c

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