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Arcane Chronicles F2P

Arcane Chronicles hits the MMO RPG market and is browser-based although it's not like most of them, it has some action elements to it making it fun to play, defeat evil creatures, monsters and head out for adventure, you will be unlocking new features as you level up.

- Four classes
- Explore dungeons
- Exciting combat with stunning visuals
- Hunt world bosses with your friends
- Create or join a Guild
- Guild warfare (Castle Sieges and Caravan Escort events)
- Hire NPC and friends as mercenaries.
- AFK play
- Completely free

Classic roles are covered when it comes to picking up a class, players can choose from the Shaman (healer), Warrior (tank) or a Mage (Damage dealer) each one with its own unique set of skills and abilities, there is also a skill tree for each one where players can further customize their style.

Adventurers can hire their friends' characters or NPC as mercenaries, the game will get tougher as they level up so there is a moment where you are better off getting some help. Your friends can also hire your character when you're off-line so it becomes an npc for them.

For players who don't have time to sink in the game, there is a special feature that allows them to complete missions, grind monsters and more, the character will automatically move through the map, kill monsters and complete the quests so everything is done when you get back home from a tough day at work.

Another cool features is the random dungeons generator; it uses 6 variables to generate a different dungeon each time you get into one. Area, experience, monsters, their type, difficulty and gold reward will define each single instance you get into. High level players appreciate this feature as they can vary the content they're facing all the time.

Once you create or are part of a guild you can get involved into large scale PvP helping your guild taking over another one's castle or defending yours. Only experienced guilds can do this to avoid new or small guilds to get hammered hard. Once a Guild has are invited they have 24 hours in which to prepare for battle where they can build see weapons and try to be the first Guild to successfully conquer a castle.

Players can get powerful gear by defeating monsters, completing missions, and cleaning dungeons, they can also get gold which can be used to improve their characters. There is another currency called Arcanite which is used to purchase more unique items from the game store.

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