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Heva Clonia Online is a fantasy mmo roleplaying game made for casual players and packed with non-stop action through quests and storytelling, co-op dungeons and group content, and much more. Characters evolve their super powers with a brand new mechanic called job evolutions, they can also visit towns and other worlds, create clones of monsters around there and meet brand new friends.

- Several towns & worlds
- Co-op dungeons and boss dungeons with timer
- Pet system
- Group quests
- Guild warfare, battles and stages
- Campaign Mode
- Mini-games
- Job evolution
- Barter & trading
- Completely free-to-play

Advance into Knight and Berserker. Knights will Royal Knights at L50 and Berserker will be Bloodias.

Becomes Archer or Assassin. Archers will be Storm Rangers eventually and Assassins will be Dark Stalkers.

Goes up to Sorcerer or Cleric. Sorcerers become Arch Mages L50 while Clerics just Bishops.

There is a huge variety of pets in the game since players can clone monsters around them. By cloning them, they can be tamed and trained, being able to even level up.

The combat system is pretty unique featuring a combo mechanic in which the pets are involved. The PvP has been created to rely on player's skill and giving a slight boost to those who have rare gear or weapons, there are also large-scale battles between guilds.

A very interesting features is that players can choose to control the game through mouse and keyboard or just by using the numpad.

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