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Tamer saga is an mmorpg focused on casual playing and kids, it's a colourful and easy to play game that runs on a browser and has several social features.

- Search and tame your pets
- Four Classes
- Two factions
- Titles system
- Guilds
- Send your slaves to fight in the Coliseum

Warrior: As usual they are very powerful melee combatants that deal severe damage and can stand the heat of the battle.

Mage: They can hit several enemies at the same time from the distance but they are weak so have to stay away from the action.

Priest: They can heal and protect their team mates but are weak as well.

Ranger: They deal a huge amount of damage from the distance killing their enemies even before they reach them.

Pets in this game are one of the main pillars, there is a wide array of pets players can get, they progress with the player eventually earning new levels as the player's character does. They have attributes and belong to a category, bests, dragkin, demons, humanoid and sprites. Players can name them and they can use spells which as they level up, are improved and even got the chance to get new ones. The pets have a rage mechanics which is the pool all spells use to cast skills, it's like their mana, they can attack the enemies, debuff it, or defend the player's character.

Mounts are similar but not equal to pets, players can get mounts from different sources such as guilds paddock, which is one of the cool features of guilds, there are different tier of mounts, the rarest can even transform into something else and fly.

Players can engage in pvp in the shape of duel, after level 20 they can try to defeat another player in a duel, if they succeed they can even take their underwear as a trophy, humiliating them hard.

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