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Cabal 2 is a thrilling action packed free to play MMORPG, sequel to the popular original Cabal. The game allows players to explore a huge world filled with magic and monsters, in which everything is connected by a powerful element called the Force. Plays with several classes, embark on epic missions or fight against other players in exciting PvP battles.


- 6 different classes
- Combine attacks to create powerful combos
- Choose the difficulty of your dungeons
- Lots of missions
- Interesting game modes
- Free-to-play


Like its predecessor, Cabal 2 is a classic MMORPG with quests, dungeons, PvP battlegrounds and a crafting system. There are numerous available classes that players can explore in the game, each one of them with different a play style.


There are six different classes available, each one with its own powers and abilities that make them valuable in combat and very useful when they are part of a group:

Warrior - Equipped with huge two-handed weapons these melee fighters fight doing brutal damage to his opponents. This class is especially skilled killing groups of enemies, although it lacks defensive skills.

Wizard - This class uses the force to conjure devastating spells, offering up more damage than any other class, but being one of the most fragile characters

Force Blader - This character is very good harnessing the Force their Force Artifacts and neutralizing the enemy Force attacks. These melee fighters have been trained by the Old Empire to master their weapon and harness the Force through it and can channel lightning attacks

Force Shielder - This class is always on the frontlines protecting their allies and defending them from their enemies with their heavy Shields; they are excellent swordsmen who are equipped with heavy armor and a very resistant shield.

Force Archer - Using his magic bow is capable of generating powerful force attacks. His ranged attacks make him deadly on the battlefield due to their capabilities of hindering their foes.

Priest - This character fight from the rearguard healing wounded allies, conjuring shields to those who need it, and in case of need using offensive skills against its enemies.


One of the main points of interest in the game is combat, whether against challenging AI in PvE missions, or against other players in the PvP Arenas. Players can use a variety of attacks and skills which can be chained to create devastating combos, which can both do further damage, as providing regenerative properties to the player. When an enemy is about to die the players can execute a cinematic deathblow to finish him.


The game features lots of missions, and players also have several different dungeons that they can tackle solo or with a group. As well as quests players can aim for a greater challenge by upping the difficulty of a dungeon to gain even greater rewards and drops (although there are level requirements for high difficulties), or lower the difficulty to practice, but sometimes quests are restricted if players try to complete on easy mode.

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