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Castlot is a real time strategy mmo game that runs on a browser and features both real-time and turn-based combat, and resources management. Players can grow their own city, recruit heroes, take part in epic pvp battles or just set up some traps to kick their enemies' asses.

- Develop a city up to a medieval metropolis
- Manage your resources so you can build a wide array of buildings.
- Conquer epic heroes to have them fight under your command.
- Unlock new buildings by researching new ways and technologies.
- Use your npc to steal resources from the enemy.
- Play for free in the main browsers on the market as well as through Facebook.

Players must pick a side, the Bright or the Dark, being the third faction a npc faction representing the Saxons.

They get into the shoes of the main character in the faction with a leading role, so they experience all the complications and side effects of each decision they make, like being able to recruit specific heroes and soldiers.

Having received their annexed lands, players are able to build grain fields, sawmills, quarries and mines to produce crops, timber, stone and iron. Increasing the level and number of the resource fields will increase their hourly yields of the resources. The Castellan's intellect and bonuses from scrolls or props also affect the production of resources.
Other ways to get resources include robbing or ransacking other players' cities, completing quests or trading in the market.

Each faction have ten epic heroes that players can unlock overtime. They're used in PvP, exploring an arena Raceup. They have four basic stats: strength, stamina, intellect, agility. Players can even upgrade them by sending them to Avalon training, and then increase their basic stats to customize the heroes as they see fit.

Castlot features a very funny and unique mechanic in which players can place goblins in enemy close land and they will steal 50% of the resources it yields when not driven out or captured within eight hours. In order to protect their resources, players can set up cases on their boundaries (where enemies can put some Goblins).

Diamonds are the premium currency and can be acquire with real money. They keep similarities with magic potions, but they don't expire, also when purchasing diamonds, players will become VIP and enjoy its benefits.
Diamonds are also used to buy from the shop, to remove cooldowns, to send heroes to get some training, in character renaming and so on.

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