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Dead Island epidemic is a MOBA based on dead island the videogame, of course it's about killing zombies and facing other survivors. There are different game mods both PvE and PvP to work coop or against other players.

- Fight in three lanes PVP matches whilst battling through hordes of walkers
- Cooperative PVE mode fighting waves of zombies
- Crafting of weapons
- Keyboard and mouse controls
- Completely free

Berg: This character is clearly a hockey lover most of his gear is hockey related, in his mutant form he's a huge hulk capable of tanking with ease.

Amber: She handled animals before getting to the island and now her mutant form has animal features, poisonous venom, throw fire and use camo to render herself invisible.

Isys: She is a gamer girl that ended up on the island as a prize for winning a competition, she is fast in combat, both in-game and slaying walkers. She can mount up turrets while on human shape and grows sharp claws and barbed tail on mutant mode.

Bryce: He loves risks and came looking for the monsoon rains and danger, his armoured form grant him weapons while his mutant form allows him to release very dangerous poison clouds.

Horde: In this coop mode the team has to capture and keep a specific spot on the map while hordes of zombies try to eat their brains, players must work together and help themselves if they want to last long enough to hit a record. The difficulty increases as time goes by.

Scavenger: This is the pvp mode where 3 teams fight for survival, it's a domination type of game where players must capture and hold different bases, they must kill other players to do so and survive long enough to score some points, it's a very strategic game mode.

Players can craft a different weapons they can use, the schematics will drop while they play and the materials are gathered through the maps, so they must keep an eye for everything that seems interesting while playing. Once crafted the weapons can be used in the next matches, some of them being melee and others being ranged, have an incredible punch.

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