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Dino Storm is a browser based MMORPG where you start with just a few dollars in your pocket, a little ammunition, a loaded laser cannon, and your small dinosaur, you make your way to DinoVille. Face down gigantic hordes of dinosaurs and merciless robber bands and start your thrilling search for valuable items. Set up supply outposts, and goldmines, camps, defend them against other players, and earn fame and respect. Only the best will manage to rise to become the sheriff of the town.

In Dino Storm there will be always something to do, alone or with your friends. A lot of missions and threats will await you just outside the city walls, like bands of robbers, fossils hunt, food gathering or just fierce wild dinosaurs. If you are having some trouble with some task try asking to other players for a hand, and share dollars and loot.

- Next generation 3D-Graphic in your browser
- Level your own Dinosaur
- Hundreds of quests
- Prove yourself against Outlaws
- Innovative fame system

Around DinoVille you can find a lot of building such as supply camps, outpost and goldmines. You can take control of this structures which will ensure you a valuable source of fame and fortune, problem is the other players want your precious goldmines for themselves, will surely try to take them for you.

Players can join an existing band or form their very own one. In a team, as you collaborate with your friends, you will have the opportunity to advance even deeper into the world and have valuable support to defend your own buildings.

During your adventures you will earn more and more recognition. Thanks to this you will be able to compete with others player in a race to become the sheriff of the town. Sheriff's Offices grant to the sheriff special privileges like the access to rare dinosaurs and powerful items. But remember, only the best will be able to reach the top of the career ladder.

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