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Transformers universe F2P

Transformers universe is a free shooter that runs on a browser, the game that takes place during the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons and players take their side and fight for their cause around the globe.

- Fight in the iconic endless battle of the transformers
- Pledge your allegiance to a faction
- Command squads of loyal Bots into battle
- Customize and upgrade your bots
- Free to play

Players can join Megatron's Decepticons to conquer the universe or Optimus Prime's Autobots and defend the human race. Each victory grants a reward and honour to the winner, each victory also counts towards the overall standing of each faction where players can witness first-hand how their wins and losses affect the overall war.

There are several different transformers available to play with, some of them are the most popular and others were picked from a rare pool such as the first bunch of transformers in the tv series or special ones that showed up only on specific locations. There are dozens of available Transformers that players can choose from, unique to each faction. The developers work closely with Hasbro to keep the title up to its franchise.

Players are commanders who lead their transformers to victory, forcing them to develop tactics and strategies against their foes. They can also recruit new transformers from an increasing list.

The game itself is an action shooter where players take the role of different classes and work together to achieve a goal, they can upgrade and tweak their bots making them more powerful for future battles, find the style of play they like, getting the right bot for it and upgrade it and see how powerful it becomes is a really rewarding thing.

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