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Rise of Incarnates F2P

Rise of Incarnates is a free fighting game which is a mix of the huge arenas from Soul Calibur and the intense combat of Tekken. The game offers a unique experience to many online gamers and comes with its own brand new IP.

- Popular 2v2 Arena battle genre from Japan
- Choose from lots of different characters with their own skills
- Journey across different locations around the world
- Fast-paced action PVP
- Completely free to play

A 2 vs 2 3D battle arena where players can choose from a variety of different characters, each with their own abilities and battle against in a two on two dual across huge battlegrounds. Combat takes on an arcade third person style with explosive attacks as players' dash across the battlefield or leap and fly through the air with their breath taking powers. The genre has been a huge hit in Japan for a long time, inspired by the extremely popular Gundam Extreme VS. titles.

players will have a wide variety of characters to choose from in battle, each of which will have their own unique abilities and skills that can be used in combat, however the accessible control system means that switching between characters won't cause too much of an issue for players. Each character falls into their own particular role where they have strengths in specific areas such as melee combat or long ranged combat using projectiles and guns.

The key element of the game is picking the right character for the proper enemy and control it wisely, so skill is half of it. As characters have their own roles to players choosing melee focused characters may be strong up close but both will suffer against ranged attacks. With twitch-based combat players will require fast reflexes and skill to set themselves apart from the rest of the player community.

A cool synergy feature allow the health bars to be shared across characters so they can be half-way done when they come into play. Players will have to communicate with each other to score some epic combos and perform other tactics.

The game is located on earth so players will move between known locations to fight such as London, New York and Paris and see the aftermath of the battle is as these capitals of culture now lie in ruin. Though the battlefields are the wreckage of known cities, they have been designed with great accuracy so that players are instantly familiar with the location.

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