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Dragons of Atlantis F2P


Free-to-play Strategy/City Building MMO


Web browsers




In Dragons of Atlantis players are put in charge of their own empire, which will begin being a city where they'll have to gather an army, raise powerful and dangerous dragons and grow its influence around the world. The game promotes the competitiveness among the players, as well as forming alliances with other players to achieve common goals. The game can be played from your favorite browser, and is completely free-to-play.


Breed your own dragons and see how they grow
Expand your borders and build an empire
Gather an army composed of fantastic creatures and soldiers
Discover new technologies
Fight against the AI or against other players
Completely free-to-play
Browser MMO


Our main motivation in Dragons of Atlantis is to build the largest and most powerful Empire, both on our own or with the help of allies, creating formidable alliances. We can compete against other player to increase our position in the rank ladders, earning valuable rewards in the process.

In Dragons of Atlantis is really important manage our resources and our time; we have to gather resources to train troops, build and improve buildings, discover new technologies, and much more, but due to the limitations it's important to decide which actions have priority. All the actions in Dragons of Atlantis are time consuming, whether construct a building or send troops around the map; these actions can last from a few seconds to days, so it's necessary to plan every move.


One of the big features of the game is buying, breeding and training dragons; initially every city starts with a keep dragon, these can be trained up over time and at great expense for resources, they will primarily aid in the defense of your city or outpost if attacked. After your Keep Dragon there are dozens of other dragon types to acquire, these can be gained through rewards, by seeking out dungeon areas, or gathering specific resources to breed them; the requirements for each type of dragon are very specific. Later on players can even breed their own dragons by selecting a male and female and mating them in the Sanctuary, by doing this the dragon hatchling will gain new abilities and enchantments.


When players acquire a new dragon, they can then look to expand their territory and make new outposts, this requires them to first take a certain type of wilderness such as Plains, building up an army of troops to physically conquer the area and settle it. When a terrain is gained players convert it into an outpost, which acts as a secondary territory and new buildings can be constructed there and the new dragon can be upgraded over time to be a new defender.

Players can have multiple outposts, with goods and units traded between them, each outposts acts as its own city with its own buildings, the types of buildings that players can construct or the types of units they can build to defend will depend on the Research they have unlocked and what level they have upgraded, as well as having a higher player level for more high level units/buildings.


Combat itself is relatively automated, when battle between two or more forces occurs then the game will determine the victor based off the fighting forces composition of different units as well as the size of the armies, boosts and other factors. Players can get a good idea of what type of enemy they are facing by training spies who can examine an area and bring back vital information, the higher the player has upgraded their Clairvoyance technology the more information a spy can bring back.


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