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Extraction F2P

Extraction is a new FPS, it has a fast pace and is set in London, the game is focused on corporate if game play and players can switch between characters to feel a different role for a specific situation.

- Fast paced shooter
- 5 characters
- Maps of London's districts (Camden, Victoria, Whitechapel, Waterloo, Battersea)
- Different game modes
- Customization
- E-Sports

Sawbones: Combat Medic –Revive teammates and drop Med Packs
Thunder: Frontline Point Man – Concussion Grenades and heavy weaponry
Proxy: Close-Quarters Engineer – Has mines and can hack through electronic stuff
Vassili: Long Range Hunter – Scout who can detect enemies and take them down from afar
Arty: Ranged Fire Support – Support class with ammo packs and air strike calling

Team Death Match: two teams fight each other for survival, when the time runs out the team with the higher score wings

Stopwatch: one team try to take over the other's position and then viceversa, the team which makes this in the shortest time is the winter.

There are other modes such objective based missions, escorts, bombs, and There are multiple modes that will be available in the game with many objective based missions; everything from escorting extraction vehicles, defusing bombs and hacking various terminals as you navigate around the map with your team.

The game is free to play but there are some virtual items that users can buy with real money to support the game and to exchange game time for money, if you want to keep up with your friends but they play 5 hours a day but you can't since you have a job, you can get boosts to make the less time you play to worth for their 5 hours. That is the kind of items you will find in the shop, nothing will ever unbalance the game.


The whole game is built around the coop idea so most of the content and maps are thought for players to work together, going lone wolf may get you easily kill and that's what you should avoid when playing Extraction. You want to stick to your teammates and cover each others' weaknesses with your strengths.

Players can buy cosmetic items in the cash shop as well and they will be able to customize their characters and play style as they progress in the game.

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