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A free to play MMORPG Twin Saga is a traditional story driven title with staple MMORPG features such as crafting, player housing, PVE, questing, PVP and more. In the game players will battle their way through constant challenges across the world and instanced based areas to earn gear, make their characters stronger, and face even more difficult content.


- Nine playable classes
- Players can switch between classes with their same character
- Story focused quest content
- Arena focused PVP
- Instanced PVE and world PVE
- Numerous professions
- Player Houses
- 100% F2P


The core focus of TwinSaga is to initially progress through the levels of quest based content, a linear story-arc that will unveil the player's epic story that puts them as the saviour of the world and all Creation. Players will take various Quests from other NPC characters on their journey, level up different classes, earn gear and unlock new ways to make them more powerful and then ultimately focus on end game dungeon content and PVP combat.


Players control their characters using WASD controls or left mouse click to move, with 1 – 5 keys to perform their various class based abilities and the F key to launch a powerful ultimate combo attack; built up by using normal skills and can be triggered when an SP gauge is filled up.


There are currently 3 starting classes (with a future “Dragon Knight” released after open beta testing):

Swordsman – With a razor sharp greatsword these melee focused warriors are excellent front line fighters

Mage – Powerful but defensively weaker, they can summon the elements for focused or area attacks

Gunslinger – With their twin guns they combine powerful shots with blinding agility to outmanoeuvre their opponents

There are a further six unlockable classes: Cleric, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Berserker and Occultist, each of which is unlocked at a specific level once a class quest has been completed.

Players are able to access all ten classes on a single character, switching between them and gaining their full complement of abilities when they are out of combat. Whilst players have a character level each class will also monitor its own class level; when a class is levelled up the player earns a point to spend in one of that classes two Specialization trees, allowing for extra customization for the class.


These powerful warriors can be recruited to fight alongside your character's side, these NPC companions can be summoned into battle at any time and will use their own abilities and even ultimates to fight your opponents. Players have an element of control, able to summon and dispel their Senshi, choose which ones they wish to have active, and choose their attack and battle stance; all Senshi can be upgraded to make them even more powerful.


PVE is the main focus of the game with players battling their way through the main storyline quests, taking them across various environments and open world areas or even instanced dungeons. There are four types of dungeon modes in the game; Solo, Party, Metarealm Solo and Metarealm Party, depending on what players are looking to complete. Gameplay can differ between the different modes including monster's strength, skills, and available loot drop; the greater the challenge of the dungeon the greater the rewards that can be earned.


A mobile player house that players can keep equipped on them and take out at any time to jump in, and even invite their friends. Each Terracottage comes with three floors:

Ground Floor: Workshop – Here players can hone their various craft profession to make all manner of items, starstones, gear, potions, food and even stylish new outfits.

First Floor: Main Hall – Chill out with friends and sit around chatting, being waited on by your feline butler, or gathering around the community chest for treasure rewards. The halls can be decorated with different items of furniture that can be bought, crafted or found around the world.

Top Floor: Greenhouse – A splendid greenhouse covered in plants and trees allows you to ply your green thumb, planting and nurturing all types of flora to be used in your crafting exploits.


Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 6GB
Hard Drive Space: 6GB
Graphics: GeForce 9500
Sound Device: DirectX Compatible

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