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Gronenland F2P

Gronenland is a free rpg that runs on a browser and takes the player to the Vikings era to play as a viking grunt and make their way up to the hero status, but to get there they must on an epic quest and train to be better, acquire better gear and win others in the arena.


- Develop your own Viking warrior
- Buy gear and items from vendors
- Travel across the world to find new opponents
- Fight against players at the arena
- Completely free

Potions – Players can get potions which will grant them instantaneous buffs such as healing or complete quests quicker.

Dealer – Getting better gear is one of the most important things a player must do in order to progress and win battles.

Tavern – Players can start quests that will give grant them rewards such as gold coins and experience as well as moving forward on the main storyline, they are taken here.

Depot – This is the bank deposit of the players, they can put items in it that may spend or use later, they should put most of their gold in it so when they lose before another player they can't lose all their money.

Work – Players can do some minor tasks on different jobs to get and extra income.

Arena – This is where players gain prestige and gold by beating other players, although if they fail to do so and are bitten, part of their gold is taken by their foe. The combat is automated and consists in an exchange of blows till somebody dies.

Jump into the Vikings society by starting from below and making your way up to the top. Improve your character and his gear to be able to face fearless enemies and earn the respect of others. Players can train and buy new skills, for each weapon they use. Players can buy small upgrades that allows them to do more each day and to progress faster.

The world is filled with dozens of villages to visit, each with their unique quests, local brawlers and gear, so make sure you visit them all to get the best out of your character before you face the hard content of the game.

Players can create guild and gather to talk and help eachother, ask for advice or just play together, creating a social synergy in the game.

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