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H1Z1 F2P

H1Z1 is a new zombie shooter where players should team up to survive, it uses the forgelight engine from Planetside 2 which means high quality graphics and realistic effects put the players in a world infested with zombies.

- Zombie survival horror MMO
- AI that thinks for itself
- Explore huge maps and use vehicles to get around
- Firearms and other powerful gear is are extremely rare
- Construct small buildings or huge fortresses on a persistent world
- Official servers
- Completely free

The game features a huge world putting all players on the same server increasing the fan and reducing the lag as it's managed by SOE. Players can build permanent structures on the world altering the landscape dramatically over time.

One of the key features of this title is the emergent AI where each zombie will have its own and unique way of thinking making them less predictable over time and adding a new flavour to the game and the genre itself. They can even switch to a new target if it's easier to kill.

On the other hand the players have several tools and tricks to try and kill zombies to gain safe passage to certain areas and get some loot, they can shoot, set on fire and more. The game will put the survival instincts and experience first when it comes to lasts in the game, since the aiming mechanic is semi-automatic and won't require that much skill.

The drop rate of the useful and powerful items is very low therefore gathering materials is essential to eventually craft such items, putting the ones who have them already on a powerful position, and if they have a structure to rule they will be hard to be taken down.

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