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MapleStory is a free to play side-scrolling MMORPG with a combined total of over 50 million subscriber accounts in all of its versions. In this game you will find unlimited opportunities to customize the character since players will be able to combine hundreds of different hairstyles, facial expressions, and equipment pieces.

Players will be defeating monsters and developing their characters' skills and abilities as is typical in role-playing games. Players can interact with others in many ways, such as through chatting, trading, and playing mini-games, on the other hand, groups of players can band together in parties to hunt monsters and share the rewards. Players can also join a guild to interact more easily with each other.


Classes evolve through four different stages: Explorer, Cygnus Knight, Hero and Resistance. In the first phase, explorer, players will have to choose between six different jobs:

Are great for training and learning the ins and outs of Maple World, It's an Explorer-in-training who's learning about the Maple World and preparing for the grand adventures ahead.

Have lower defense and HP than other classes, but in exchange, they possess flashy elemental and support spells that are useful in a party.

Possessing both dexterity and strength, is a class that strikes at foes with pin-point accuracy. For this class, a higher level means faster and more powerful attacks.

Possesses high attack power and HP, and is best suited for the frontlines of battle. It has a powerful normal attack, but demonstrates even more power by learning advanced skills through Job Advancements.

Has incredible speed, high avoidability, and powerful attack skills to support low HP. The Thief can overpower foes with a single powerful attack, or dodge attacks quickly in moments of danger.

Can fire a gun with incredible accuracy or use physical attacks to pummel enemies. The Pirate hangs out by Nautilus, which is docked at the southern port of Victoria Island (the first area for players).

It is the Korean cognate of the Japanese game “Gomoku,” akin to tic-tac-toe. To win, a player needs to place five pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

Match Cards, also known as “Concentration”
It can be played with grids of 3×4, 4×5, and 5×6 cards. The facedown side of the cards contains images of various monsters, which players take turns matching.

It is a vending machine, in which the player inserts a ticket bought from the Cash Shop and a random prize comes out.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
It is based on the actual game, in which one plays against an NPC.

Fishing King
It is currently available in TaiwanMS and ThailandMS. After the player completes a quest to obtain a diving suit, he or she is sent to a map to catch fish. The player may return to catch fish as many times as desired.
*The Fishing System is currently available in all versions except KoreaMS, GlobalMS and EuropeMS. Players can buy fishing equipment from the Cash Shop and talk to an NPC in various towns to go fishing.

Players can fight one another in a zone called 'Battle Square,' which features unique fighting maps where players can fight in Battle Mode to earn EXP and Battle Points. Battle Points can be turned in for Gallant Emblems which can then be exchanged for Battle Mode items.

Everyone battles each other, with unlimited lives during the battle. Time Limit: 10 minutes - Minimum Players: 4, Maximum Players: 8

Ice Knight
One player is transformed into the Ice Knight, and the others must defeat him. The challengers have unlimited lives during the battle. Time limit: 7 minutes - Number of Players: 10

Team Match
Two groups battle each other, with unlimited lives during the battle. Time Limit: 10 minutes - Minimum Players: 6, Maximum Players: 12

Capture the Flag
Two groups battle each other, with unlimited lives during the battle. The first team to successfully capture and score with the opposing team's flag three times wins, ending the match. Time limit: 20 minutes - Minimum Players: 6, Maximum Players: 12

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