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Might and magic: Duel of champions F2P

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions (MMDoC) is a free TCG that plays on a tabletop featuring strategic mechanics as well as the classic card managing, where you can buy and sell cards and build your decks. The game revolves around 1on1 combat and has a rating system similar to chess where players will always be facing worthy opponents no matter how good they are.


- More than 300 cards
- Six different factions
- High quality card artwork
- Earn seals and gold by playing and buy new cards
- Frequently released expansions adding more cards

Playable Factions
Haven – It's a defensive faction, they have increased resistances and healing among its cards.

Necropolis – They rely on damage over time through poison and its monsters usually can resurrect by different ways.

Inferno – The most offensive faction with creatures that deal a lot of damage to a lot of targets.

Stronghold – This one is very unique, has some control cards and also counts on sacrificing monters to increase others power.

Sanctuary – They are offensive but more in a strategic way, when well played its creatures gain ajor boosts and can beat anything.

Academy – Another unique type of faction which is made almost by spell only cards which mainly get rid of their foes hand.

Neutral – Common cards fall in this faction, from spells to creatures of all kind.

The Cards
Hero Card – it's the basic pillar of a deck, you need one hero to build a deck, they have different abilities and statistics.

Creature Cards – they're put on the tabletop and attack/defend depending on the card and situation. Some of them have unique abilities while others are just regular creatures.

Spell Cards – they are the most wide type of card finding from boosts, direct attacks and heals to cards that can send your enemy's to the graveyard.

Fortune Cards – spells that affect the whole game and usually tend to last for the rest of the match.

Event Cards - similar to spells but they're used on demand by any player, and each turn they change, so both player can use the current untapped fortune cards.

Acquiring Cards
Players get coins and seals by playing both PvP and PvE then they can use this to buy new packs of cards from the different expansions, they also have the infernal pit to throw useless cards and have a chance to get cards and coins out of it, and the altar of wishes which require wild cards found on the card packs they can buy.

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