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GAME STYLE: Free to play Farming Simulator RPG


Fun, colourful and free to play SkyDale is a farming simulator meets survival adventure RPG, when the players finds themselves crashed down onto a mysterious floating sky island and are met with a talking purple rodent, they can't be sure if this is a dream or some magical new realm. Either way they must learn to survive on the land using their gathering skills, learn to create tools, cook food, create shelter and advance the story focused content of the game. The game doesn't require any large client downloads to play and can be accessed with your preferred web browser, once registered players can also play the game on various mobile devices with an official app.


- Gather resources and cultivate your farmland
- Construct buildings, workbenches and tools to survive
- Build a home and decorate it with furniture
- Meet new characters and complete quests for them
- Explore a new world and uncover events
- Work with other players to help them on their island
- Browser gameplay with mobile device accessibility
- 100% F2P


SkyDale is a combination of classic farm-building simulator and an exploration based RPG, using the farming element as the core of the game players must gather resources, create items, structures and build up their own farm/homestead on their island. Managing resources and their time, with many actions/resource refreshes taking minutes, hours or days, players will complete quests to turn in various crafted items in order to earn XP, learn new recipes, and advance.

The RPG nature of the game comes with the different quests and ways to explore this larger island, in turn giving players a lot more land to construct upon, players will find various new NPCs and events in the world that will require some sort of resource or item to complete, but in turn advances the main storyline.


There are numerous skills in the game, typically revolving around gathering or crafting; with different resources in the world they require a different tool to collect them, starting out with using your hands players can get the basic resources such as water and sticks, but more difficult resources such as logs requires axes, or rocks requires pickaxes. When using these new tools players will also increase the skill of that particular type of gathering, when a skill levels up it increases the % number of resources that a player may find from a particular resource node.

Crafting skills work in a similar way, by using them and crafting items, cooking food, creating buildings and more, players will increase their skill, however as they level it up they learn new recipes and expand their repertoire of items they can create.


As well as managing time, resources and tools (which are used up whilst gathering) players must also manage their Energy; initially starting with twenty energy every gathering skill and some other actions uses up Energy, this can be anything from 1 Energy to pick up some sticks, to far more when trying to acquire some of the larger/rarer resources. Once Energy has been fully depleted players cannot gather any more resources, they are able to create various foods to replenish Energy, or simply wait for it to recover naturally (1 Energy per 10 minutes, which also includes when players are offline).

With Friends players can actually flag areas and resources that they can clear themselves, but may lack the Energy, and get them to visit their island and help clear out these resources for them (Friends cannot clear resources that the player lacks the skills/tools to do themselves meaning they cannot advance to new areas/features through their Friends alone).


The main premium item in the game is Elixirs, these purple potions can be bought with cash or earned each time a player increases their character level. With Elixir's players can speed up various processes, replenish missing Energy partially or fully, and purchase items and ingredients that they may need to create an item or complete a quest.


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