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Revelation Online is a story-driven epic MMORPG where players take on the central role as a hero and protector of the realm, with fantasy and Asian themes this feature packed title provides extensive in-depth questing, challenging PVE, multiple PVP modes, player crafting professions, personal private housing, guild progression and the chance to earn wings where you can fly and fight across the skies.


- Six available character classes
- Extensive personal/cosmetic character customization
- Earn your wings and fly and fight in the air
- Seamless open world without loading screens
- 5 to 10 person dungeons and 20 person Raids
- Multiple options for PVP
- Crafting professions and a player run economy
- Guild and personal housing


Revelation Online, in many ways, is similar to a lot of classic MMORPGs and offers many of the staple features as seen from the more traditional games in the genre whilst adding more depth and its own individual twist. Focusing heavily on quest based campaign players will advance through the game world, earning XP and levelling up to become stronger and gain access to more content and greater challenges that offer greater rewards.

Character customization is extremely detailed as an almost unprecedented level, with multiple sliders and colour shades players will be able to design the look of their character with ease, down to the smallest individual details to make an original looking character.

Multiple control options are available to move your character around and how the player personally wishes to handle targeting enemies; the point-and-click mouse system allows you to move around with the mouse and target your enemies individual, the tab-targeting mode allows you to switch to the closet enemies and cycle through them and staying auto-locked on, or the free aiming mode allows players to fight like a third person shooter and aim their attacks manually requiring a lot more skill but providing more precision and versatility in combat.


Players in the game have six possible characters to choose from covering the main roles found in most MMORPGs; Vanguard (tank), Gunner (ranged DPS), Swordmage (caster/fighter), Spiritshaper (summoner/healer), Occultist (caster/off-healer) and Blademaster (melee DPS/off-tank). Each class provides a different style of play and can be customized as players level up, as well as equipped with different gear to bolster their stats and abilities.


Questing take a dominant role in the game as players advance to end-game, focusing on telling a set story players will advance through the somewhat linear storyline and play their part in an epic saga complete with interesting characters, detailed voice over dialogue, dramatic cut scenes and more.

Players are able to battle their way through dungeons with up to 10 people in a group and even face larger Raids with 20 man groups that provide not just mobs, bosses but also traps and puzzles to overcome. The enemies encountered in these locations are intelligent and have a variety of skills and spells to challenge players, often castling multiple abilities at once players will see targeting reticules on the ground that they will have to actively dodge, creating a very fast paced action focused battle.


For the players that likes to compete against other players the game offers a wide array of PVP options; starting with optional open world PVP players can try to kill each other in most locations, though extensive PKing will bring on possible penalties meaning anyone trying to earn these easy rewards will face greater risks. Battlegrounds provide arena based combat with objective focused matches with Capture the Flag game modes, concentrating on team based matches, or alternatively players can fight in mass-battles with over a thousand players battling for control of a stronghold, fighting across the ramparts and working with friends and guildmembers to defeat the enemy faction. The game offers a number of personal warring elements, ranging from individual players to guild being able to declare war on each other as well as fighting each other in Weekly Territory Battles and even fighting guilds from other servers.


Operating System: Win XP SP3 (Minimum)
Processor: 2.4GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: Intel HD400 or GeForce 9500 GT

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