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Shadowbound F2P

In Shadowbound players are the primary hero responsible for fighting against the forces of evil, and to do it they'll have to recruit a group of powerful allies and guardians who help them on their journeys.

The game is an isometric browser-based MMORPG with detailed graphics and an impressive soundtrack which helps to draw players into the game. Shadowbound is completely free to play, although it has some completely optional premium paid elements.


Three classes: Warrior, Hunter and Mage
Recruit allies to fight for your cause
Create formations to exploit the strengths of your team
Get the help of powerful guardians
Level up your hero and his companions
Acquire equipment, mounts, titles and skills to more powerful your group
Extensive quests chains
PvE dungeons with challenging bosses
Fight against other players in exciting PvP duels
Completely free to play


After centuries of peace and prosperity the shadows have managed to invade the heavenly realms, stealing many sacred relics, such as the powerful mystic crystals, and imprisoning Celeste, the guardian of light. Now the light of the world is shutting down, and the shadows threatens to consume it all.


The main objective of the game is to gather a group of heroes, to which you will have to strengthen giving them equipment, mounts, skills and titles, which will also increase their Battle Rating. The Battle Rating is a numeric value that determines how powerful is your group compared with monsters or other players. Virtually all items and features of your characters can be improved, and the final objective of the game is to have the most powerful team and prove it to the rest of players in exciting PvP battles.


In the game, you can improve your characters in several ways:

Gear - You can equip your hero as his companions with six pieces of equipment, including weapons, which are determined by their class, necklaces, rings, armor, boots and helmets. Each piece provides different attributes depending on how powerful is the item.

Mounts - From level 15 players can use mounts to move around the world faster, as well as gain boosts to their Battle Rating. Some mounts can learn skills from level 4, and players can also get some special mounts completing events and missions, which have a unique appearance.

Talismans - Players can get talismans that provide them passive skills and can be equipped to either the main character or his companions; as the characters gain level they get more talismans slots.

Titles - In addition to publicly display your achievements, titles provide different bonuses depending on the type of feat that represent. Some titles are exclusive to the best PvP players, or those who have managed to defeat the most fearsome monsters.


Players will find that it is very easy to Shadowbound thanks to its automated features. Combats, for example, are a continous exchange of attacks that ends when one side defeat the opposing team. Getting around the world is also very simple, with a simple click you can go to any location in the world, find NPCs or the enemies that you must defeat.

Training Grounds also allow players to train their characters while they are AFK, this feature allows players to automatically fight creatures until they click the “Stop AFK” button. There is no time limit to how much time players can AFK level their characters, but for the first hour of each day (or two hours at the weekend) players of a higher likelihood of getting powerful gear.


The game has lots of different PvE features, from quests, instantiated dungeons that can be tackled solo or multiplayer dungeons designed for groups of players, where you can get all kinds of rewards and resources.


Players can enter into the Arena and confront other players in exciting battles PvP, in the hopes of earning honor, glory, and loot. When players defeats other players they also scale positions in the Leaderboards, where the top players gain additional Honor at the end of each week.

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