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Tales Runner F2P

Tales Runner is a free racing MMO where players must compete in a number of races that take them across different locations, through various themes and in different game modes. Players level up their character and unlock a variety of rewards.

- Fast-paced racing MMO
- Different game modes to play from solo to team based races
- Create new items in the Alchemy system
- Try out challenging mini games
- Different locations and themes
- Completely free

Players must jump, tumble and fight their way to the finish line through different locations, trying to beat other players in fun and competitive gameplay. Each race hold its own unique challenges, having to work out puzzles, navigate past obstacles as well as fighting past NPC creatures and traps.. The game is broken down into various themes and game modes and players get to level up their own customisable character.

Different races take place across different themed environments, from sports facility training maps, jungle maps with roaming predators and even an Alice in Wonderland fantasy style map where players must fight past playing card soldiers and Cheshire cats!

When completing a race players are rewarded depending on their final position, or the position that their team achieved, and are rewarded with XP, in game currency, Alchemy cards and a variety of other items.

There are different characters that players can choose from, each of which are fully customisable and come with their own unique stats that will change how that character plays including such things as their maximum speed, acceleration, power and control. They can even dress their characters in various clothing items and even completely new skins such as famous characters from well-known fairytales.

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