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Tower Heroes is set in a medieval comic world with a challenging tower defence gameplay. Players choose their hero and take command of a lonely castle. Mustering all their skills and strategic thinking, they gather resources from the surrounding environment and try to build a true empire. As their reserves of raw materials grow, players can expand their own castles and turn them into impregnable fortresses, also crucial elements in the game are diplomacy and an alliance system.


The more players expand their influence across the map, the more often they'll be caught up in skirmishes and even all-out onslaughts. All combats are carried out in the same pattern, no matter if it's a castle siege or a raid within a dungeon. Every battle is divided into a specific number (3, 5, etc.) of waves of attack, each one consisting of several troops of different levels and attributes, such as archer, mage, knight, and so on. With his military power in form of towers of different types and heroes, the player who starts the battle has to defend his flag that is positioned at the end of a winding path representing the size of the castle or dungeon.


In Tower Heroes, players can choose one of the following three races: elves, dwarves, and humans. Each race has a specific benefit:

Dwarfs are able to build up defensive troops at a lower cost than the other races.

Elves enjoy the benefit of an increased production of resources.

Humans benefit from lower costs for building up offensive troops.


The available resources are gold, food and crystals which are needed for constructing buildings, learning new skills as well as buying better equipment for you and your hero. Expanding your realm allows a faster production of resources but results in a more complex management and in constantly growing costs for expanding the frontiers. Campaigns against other players also require resources, food being the main requirement.

- Food: an essential resource for expanding your realm used to feed your troops.
- Crystals: required for upgrading your buildings.
- Gold: needed for conducting the initial buildings and for building siege items.

- Capital: unique and permanent building and your starting castle which can't be razed
- Farms: generate food
- Mines: produce gold
- Castles: must be built to extend your influence, can be razed by other players
- Quarries: deliver crystals
- Fortresses: help to increase the ramparts production of your castle
- Barracks: increase the production of catapults

Players have the possibility to form alliances with each other in order to coordinate their attacks and destroy their opponents faster. Also members of an alliance are provided with a menu that serves as a kind of chat room where they can communicate with each other.


There are 2 fields where players can carry out research: Domination and Battle. The research itself doesn't cost any resources, the time you have to dedicate, however, increases significantly after each level (20 min in level 1, 2h in level 2).

Battle Research
Dedicating time for research in this field offers the following benefits to the player's units: HP boost, increased damage count, range boost, defence boost, and luck boost. In addition, the costs for the production of new units will decrease.

Domination Research
Research in this field decreases the construction costs for all the buildings, boosts their production rate as well as the construction speed for buildings. Moreover, castles receive an additional upgrade increasing their annex land number.

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