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Triad Wars F2P

Set in the world established in Sleeping Dogs where players took on the role of an undercover cop infiltrating the criminal underbelly of Hong Kong, here players get to experience the other side of that world as they build up and run their own criminal Triad organisation. Triad Wars is a free to play sandbox action combat strategy where players can go head-to-head against each other in the battle for control of Hong Kong's streets.


- Build up your own Empire
- Start as an Enforcer and rise to a mighty Kingpin
- Action gameplay with shooting, fighting and driving
- Sandbox gameplay where you can wreak chaos on the streets
- Run your own criminal Rackets to increase your wealth
- Perform Raids on rival Turf and steal their goods
- Free to play MMORPG


Triad Wars allows for two types of gameplay, a free roaming sandbox where players can head out into the streets and cause havoc, picking fights with passers-by and other criminals, getting into shootouts or stealing cars for fun and even profit and cruising around the vast city. On the other hand is the strategy element where players are responsible for building up their own Triad, with their own Turf to control they must build up a number of Rackets to become a lucrative business and contender for controlling the streets and defending their territory from rival gangs.


Every player will begin with their own piece of the pie, is small territory that is theirs to control and is their primary base of operations that houses their Safehouse and where they will orchestrate their various Rackets. As players level up they can also upgrade their Safehouse to give them more options and features in the game, but as they grow in size they will also gain the attention of other powerful rivals and so defending their Turf should be priority number one.


The primary criminal operations that every Triad will conduct, with such a wide range of options players are from time to time going to step on each other's toes and create more friction between neighbouring gangs. The Rackets are the primary source of income for a Triad, whether in the form of cash itself or resources that can be used elsewhere in the game, these Rackets can be upgraded as players level up to yield more products of a higher quality. Such Rackets are:

Smuggling - Gangs can make money by smuggling exotic goods from all across Asia and can be big business

Auto Theft - With a massive amount of vehicles on the road it's easy for a few them to go missing and either sell them on the Black Market or strip them down from parts and create your own new car in your very own Auto Shop

Counterfeiting - A primary source of much needed resources, from dodgy knockoff Electronics to fake fashion and even currency


Triad's looking for a quick cash injection may look to completing various Export missions, acquiring resources from their own Turf Rackets, the Black Market or even rival Triads. Once acquired they can take on these Exports to fulfil them, though before they get their payoff they may have to transport the goods themselves or oversee delivery onto a cargo ship at the docks, during which they may have to fend off opportunistic gangs looking to rob them.


Counter to Exports players can try to hit their rivals whilst they are in the process of performing an Export mission, stealing the players actual resources are successful. Players have the chance to filter available Operations by type or even focus on an individual neighbouring rival Triad in an attempt to bring them down.


Finally players are able to raid their rivals by heading into their Turf and making an assault on their Safehouse for any available resources that have been stowed away in the secure Warehouses. The difficulty of a raid is directly proportional to how high a level the rival gangs Enforcer is, but if successful the attacking player can still a portion or even all of their rivals resources.

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