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Free-to-Play MMOTPS






The game is a team-based MMOTPS (third person shooter) where two teams of players fight against each other embodying cute girls equipped with futuristic weaponry and lethal robots in intense matches full of action across the sky of the ground. Collect characters, equip and upgrade them and fight with them in different leagues to receive additional prizes.


Dozens of unique characters to collect

Equip your characters with powerful weapons and armors

Fight in huge maps while completing objectives

Action-packed combat



In the game players work towards unlocking new Cosmoloid characters, levelling them up and customizing them with various items and gear components to try and climb their way up the League Ranks in intense matches to earn more XP and prizes.


There are six available classes to play: Panzer, Aerial, Assault, Fortress, Jammer and Buster, each class has unique abilities and playstyles that will benefit their team when used.

The Buster focused on long-ranged attacks, though they move slowly and don't have much in the way of defensible countermeasures, they have a deadly amount of firepower that can stop anyone in their tracks.

- The Assault is mobile but focuses on close quarters combat, able to dodge attacks whilst dealing out sustained damage.

-The Panzer is more durable and focus on close combat on the ground, often focusing on melee attacks to quickly despatch their opponents with swords and flying kicks.

- The Fortress is a slow heavily armored class that focuses on high altitude combat and raining down missiles on ground forces.

- The Aerial is a high speed max mobility class that specializes in aerial combat, keeping out of range from enemies and swooping in to land the killing blows

- The Jammer interferes with the opposition by distributing slowing fields or shields to negate enemy attacks.


Combat is fairly fast paced and utilizes 360 movement where players can ascend into the sky and take advantage of aerial acrobatics or using upper platforms to attack from; aiming weapons however is completely automated providing the enemy target is being looked at. Positioning and team strategy is the key to victory, trying to overcome game objectives and working together to win the battle. Players can interact with the map environment in a variety of ways including taking advantage of different platforms and levels, picking up crates to use them as cover or even hurl them across the map as projectiles.


There's a lot of ways to customize Cosmoloids, the quality of the upgrade is determined by the characters Grade, allowing them to equip more powerful weapons, armor or boosters the higher their level. These customizations improve various aspects of a character including damage output, defenses, mobility and other utility bonuses.

All the Characters have a starting Grade, which determines their level range; Grade C is the lowest level range from level 1 to 10, Grade B is level 11 to 20, C is 21 to 30 and finally S Grade is the top tier levels 31 – 40. Players can only get to the top level in their Grades level range, then they must spent currency and Trigger items to unlock the limit and promote their Grade to continue levelling them.


Players start in the Rookie League where all low level payers can compete against each other, as they win matches and advance their rank they can be promoted into the Prime League and then the Master League, both of which introduce a Tower defense mechanic. Outside of the standard leagues are special Golden and event Leagues, that are invite only where players need special invite tickets to take part and can earn themselves more rewards and currency.


Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core i3 or above
Memory: 5GB
Hard Drive Space: 2GB
Graphics: GeForce GTS450 or above

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