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Infinity Wars is a cross platform online TCG with some MMO features, it also has challenging game modes, several factions, a large pool of cards to choose from and a wide array of tactics to be developed on the battlefield.

- Multiple game modes to play through the different challenges
- Animated cards
- Buy, sell and trade cards
- Seven factions
- Commander and Morale System
- Free to play

Genesis Industries (GD) - focusing on a synergy and unity between their cards is the main strategy, it's all about using key cards at just the right time to strengthen Characters

The Exiles (EX) - they focus on sacrifice and death and the discard affects that they can utilize the sacrifice mechanics making them able to disrupt typical “normal” gameplay that players are used to

The Warpath (WP) – their technique is based on overwhelming the opponent and dominate the battlefield using character-based victories and boosting their options early on

Descendants of the Dragon (DOD) - defensive play which make them able to attain victory without dealing damage to their enemy opponents by dropping their Morale only

The Cult of Verore (CV) – they deal damage regardless of where and opponents troops are placed by using extremely powerful Demons that create a direct threat to the enemy with their removal and damage focused spells

Sleepers of Avarrach (SOA) – they use zombies and robots to reanimate their fallen characters and uses creation, stall and card control tactics, they also have graveyard manipulation to continuously harass their opponents

Flame Dawn (FD) – they use their ability cards to deal considerably damage early on, empowering at mid-game if they are not dealt with and quickly making them a formidable opponent as the game goes on

It affects mechanics on the game being a secondary health pool, where health is depleted from direct attacks by the enemy onto the player the Morale and depicts the situation on the battlefield. Each Character card has their own Morale value, representing how big an influence they have on their troops, the bigger the influence the more Morale they are responsible for so when they die in battle this value is removed from the overall Morale score.

Standard - using a customised deck for playing a match, considered to be the normal way to play the game

Merged – both players decks are merged and both players pick cards from it creating unique gameplay where players must adapt and be versatile in order to win.

Players are able to play and collect a wide array of cards they can put into their deck, each card has different actions that they can perform during battle depending on the card type, for instance, Character Card which is the base of any army has an attack value and hit points. Players battle each other in 1on1 combat, with a large variation of features and rule sets available to create interesting and unique battles.

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