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Shadowland Online is a browser based mmorpg developed and published by ZQGame. The title can be played directly from your favourite browser and let the player rule a city and a an army, which can be developed and enlarged and the players must choose a starting hero, that will be the leader of the future empire. You can build a lot of constructions inside the city walls. The player can bring his army outside to defeat enemies or just complete some PvE missions, that will give him rewards such as money or item. The player will use this money or items to upgrade his buildings but it takes time, because the system works with real-time.

Another cool feature is that you can choose the tactics for your army, choosing everytime the best tactic to defeat the enemies. There is also a crafting system and with it the player can create a lot of items. Also the social part is developed well having among them a chat system and an action house. There is also an item shop and the player can exchange real money with the money in-game. The money in-game can be used to upgrade faster buildings and buy a lot of items and other stuff inside the game.

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